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Blakesly Suction

Kerrison Punch

Through Cutting Forceps

Barraquer Iris Scissor


Desmarres Chalazion Forceps

Hoffer - Mc Pherson Corneal

Polack Double Corneal Force

Utrata Capsulorhexis Forcep

Desmarres Lid Retractor

Dressing Forceps

Hartman Mosquito Forceps

Dodick Nucleus Cracking For

Kalt Needle Holder

Lieberman-Tennant Eye Specu

Park Eye Speculum

Lieberman-Tennant Eye Specu

Kelley's Descement's Membra

Vannas Capsulotomy Scissors

Rosen Phalco Chopper

Murdock Eye Speculum (with

Murdock Eye Speculum (Solid

Lens Cutter And Forceps

Appasamy Lens Inserting For

Castroviejo Caliper

Osher-Neumann Radial Marker

Serrefine And Gills Vannas

Barraquer Wire Speculum And

Barraquer Needle Holder (sh

Micro Aural Scissor (Fine S

Micro Aural Forceps (Micro

ANTRUM Punch (backward Cutt

Bulldog Clip (Vascular)

Vascular Clamp

ADSON Plain Forceps

Tongue Holding Forceps